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Once a Gracelander, always a Gracelander.

The Power of Connection

在恩赐园建立的纽带不会随着毕业而结束. In fact, 利记的目标是帮助您通过各种活动保持您在利记建立的终生联系, networking opportunities, volunteer activities and so much more.

任何在利记的任何地点完成12个学分的学生都被认为是利记APP下载校友会的骄傲成员. 利记不收年费,但欢迎您的慷慨解囊.

加入利记的年度公众会议,每年在返校节的星期六举行. 所有成员可在会议上提出问题和表示关切.

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#Grateful4Graceland Day of Giving!

Thank you for your help!  感恩恩赐之地日为恩赐之地基金募集资金, 通过奖学金和投资直接支持学生的学生经历. 感恩恩赐之地日让利记有机会与世界各地的校友和朋友一起庆祝利记为什么要感恩恩赐之地. 现在帮助支持利记的使命还为时不晚,利记要创建学习社区,让学生开发他们的潜力,过上有意义和富有成效的生活.

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Homecoming 2021

October 15-17, 2021

利记非常高兴地欢迎校友和朋友们回到校园参加2021年利记的返校庆祝活动. 加入校友和朋友在拉摩尼的一个周末的食物,友谊和乐趣.

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Benefits of Being Graceland Alumni

By offering a wide variety of services and benefits, like free seminars, discounts at our bookstore and even on future tuition, 利记的目标是保持利记的全球校友社区联系和繁荣的后代.

Alumni Stories and Testimonials
恩赐之地是为我的未来铺平成功道路的正确选择. 社区反映了“团结的力量”. 教师们努力联系、教导和理解所有的学生. 就我个人而言,无论是在课堂上还是在球场上,老师都在不断地鞭策我,激励我超越极限. In choosing my next path after graduation, 教授们花时间和我坐下来探讨所有的机会和可能性. Graceland has so many resources which provide success; you just have to want it.
Christacia Dawkins '19 United States Army Sport Management
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Alumni Stories and Testimonials
利记APP下载的教育和终生的实践经验是我今天所做事情的基石. My classmates, colleagues, my students, 他们的家人给了我享受这段“旅程”的动力.” And I believe that one day I will be back!
Ioseb Gabelaia, PhD '16 交通与电信学院客座讲师 Communications, M.Ed in Instructional Leadership
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Alumni Stories and Testimonials
我从恩赐之地来的亲密朋友圈发展得更快,持续的时间也比我想象的要长. I never considered myself very outgoing, 但恩赐之地的一切都在让你成长.
Clay Hines '09 Biology and Chemistry
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Alumni Stories and Testimonials
利记教会我,为了成为最好的队友,你需要磨练你的个人技能,让你的团队变得更好. 利记教会了我什么是我的优势,帮助我确定我需要做什么来变得更好. 这既适用于课堂,也适用于工作场所. Working hard, being supportive of my coworkers successes, 努力变得比昨天更好,这只是我在恩赐之地学到的一些技能.
Zoe Harmon '16 Account Executive, Memphis Grizzlies Sport Management
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Showcasing Our Alumni Success


Enrolled students

2020-21 (all undergrad & grad)


Academic programs


Academic programs

Alumni News

Alumni, Press Release

Dennis Shields被任命为南方大学校长和A&M College

March 31, 2022

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Administration and Staff, Alumni


February 1, 2022

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Alumni, Press Release


November 18, 2021

Graceland University President Emeritus William T. “比尔”希格顿49年于2021年11月18日平静地去世.

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September 22, 2021

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Administration and Staff, Alumni, Press Release

Graceland提升Deb Skinner为注册管理和战略增长副总裁

September 15, 2021

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Alumni, Athletics


September 7, 2021

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Graceland Forever


Alma Mater Hymn:

Come Graceland sons and daughters all,
and join our happy throng.
With loyal voices let us raise
our Alma Mater song.
O hillcrest home of vision wide,
where bonds of love hold sway.
Where all may learn in life and lore
’tis Thee we praise today.

Through memory a thread shall run,
of golden richness made.
Cementing there the treasures rare
in thy foundation laid.
O Alma Mater, guide us on,
thy standard e’er unfold
And call us on with memories
of days ‘neath the Blue and Gold.

Through years and decades long to come
thy battlemented tower
Shall rise to call the youth of lands
to answer to the hour.
And while thy work shall carry on,
our benisons are told
In lives of honor, truth and right,
the seal of the Blue and Gold.

—Roy A. Cheville, 1926

School Song: Graceland Forever

Graceland Forever, dear Alma Mater
Long may she ever firm keep her stand.
Her sons and daughters carry to others
Her fame throughout the land, Rah, rah, rah.
Graceland, Graceland, we’re all for you,
Strong, united, loyal and true.
We’ll carry on ’til victory is won,
Oh, Graceland, we’re all for you!

—Warren McElwain, 1925

Mascot: Yellowjacket “Sting”

Colors: Navy Blue and Gold

Motto: Prudens futuri (Wisdom for the future)

Newspaper: The Tower

Yearbook: Acacia

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Rick Isham
Director of Alumni Programs
866.GU4.EVER (866.484.3837)
office: 816.423.4702
mobile: 913.486.8977
fax: 641.784.5469

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